Surfing on rockets in Fortnite is the coolest exploit of the year

In Fortnite Battle Royale's Halloween update, pumpkin rockets entered the arena, and while they look as spooky as any winter squash, they serve a far greater purpose than setting the mood. You can ride the things, and really damn far. See for yourself.

With a squadmate handy, you can fire a rocket at a certain angle under the feet of your friend, sending them sailing across the map. The video above might imply that it's just a neat trick, because once the rocket explodes you're bound to die with it or take some decent fall damage for bailing early. But with the right  plan and enough skill, pumpkin rocket riding can be used as a dangerously effective tool against enemy fortresses. Check out this bonkers demonstration from Twitch streamer Zaccubus to see what I mean.

When I first played Fortnite Battle Royale, I wasn't very impressed with it. It didn't really feel like it was trying to be anything but PUBG with some base-building mechanics, but the wackier it gets with each update, the more I see the appeal. Here's to hoping Epic continues the trend. 

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James Davenport

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