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SuperHot dodges its way to Steam Greenlight for an expanded version

Hot soup! Time-bending FPS ballet Superhot was a brilliant example of the importance of the 7dFPS competition . It took a tired genre cliché - Bullet Time - and reinvigorated it with an elegant and simple twist. Time moves when you do, giving you the opportunity to methodically weave through levels with an assumed fluidity that's detached from skill and reflex. Also, at the end of each level, the game chants "Super Hot Super Hot" at you, which is badass. Such a winning formula deserves a more thorough exploration of the mechanic, which is on the cards if the game can slip through Steam Greenlight .

The updated version promises "a LOT more" features, including slo-mo explosions, a machine gun, and an enemy type that can also dodge your bullets. Of course, if we're in wishlist territory, I'd also like to see an end-of-level replay that shows your performance from an outside, non-time wizard, perspective.

You can play the free prototype version of Superhot here , and vote for the game on its Steam Greenlight page .

Phil Savage
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