"Super Secret" Goat Simulator DLC teaser is this week's funniest thing

Goat Simulator Super Secret DLC

I don't think that anyone can reasonably argue that Goat Simulator is a good game. Yet it's bizarre blend of stupid premise, glitchy behavior, unwavering commitment to ridiculousness, and disdain for people who spend money on it has somehow resulted in a strange brew that people seem to like. And so today, developer Coffee Stain Studios has released a teaser for yet more DLC, entitled (for now, anyway) "New Super Secret DLC."

What's really good here is the teaser. It starts off simply enough with a discussion between a flamingo and a camel (not a horse!) about the merits of buying DLC and whether or not the decision should be influenced by the fact that you probably got the main game for 90 percent off in a Steam sale. But it slowly and surely turns into something more, and ends on a picture-perfect note. (I think it's best enjoyed without knowing what's coming, so I'll say no more.) It may or may not have anything to do with the actual DLC, but either way it's a lot of fun to watch.

The announcement of the DLC on Steam doesn't tell us anything more than the new trailer: It comes straight out of Coffee Stain's creative butt, and the hype train is started. Seriously, read it for yourself. I'll keep you posted.

Andy Chalk

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