Summerbatch unleashes five indie adventures, lets you pick a price to take PISS

Ever wanted to play a game called PISS? That's just one of the five games you get in the first volume of Summerbatch - a collection of quirky, indie adventures, made available under the pay-what-you-want system. All proceeds are split between the developers, with £50 going to the SpecialEffect charity for every £500 raised. But what games do you get for your money? An odd selection indeed...

PISS is a pointedly named fantasy title about a girl called Moira trying to get paid for a job after her client deliberately died with his debts unsettled. Barely Floating is the story of a James Bond style hero sent to the rescue of hostages on a luxury yacht... or at least, it is for a couple of minutes. Jailbreak is a slightly unusual addition, being more of a stealth/action game than an adventure. Patchwork is a dimension-hopping tale where a scientist working on a teleporter and an alien girl summoning a demon end up with a nasty case of crossed wires. Finally, Nancy The Happy Whore is... about what it sounds like, but nowhere near as naughty unless words like 'cannabis' and 'ass' make you quiver.

I've only had time for a quick poke around the different games. They seem fairly short, but amiable, and more polished than the usual freeware fare. If you feel like a punt, Summerbatch has set a basic rate of £3, but you can pay as much or as little as you like down to a minimum charge of 50p.