Styx: Master of Shadows trailer reveals October release for the gobliny stealth game

I've written about Styx: Master of Shadows before now , and I find myself more interested every time Cyanide and Focus Home release a new bit of footage. It's important to keep Cyanide's previous games in the equation, but I like what they're trying to achieve with Styx's seemingly rather open and tongue-in-cheek approach to stealth. A bit of humour and a few new tricks can go a long way.

Having said that, there's not much of that humour in evidence in the following trailer, which focuses on stealthy kills and shadowy clambering to give an overall sense of what the game involves. We do, however, learn that Styx is due to 'step out of a shadows'—it's a stealth game, do you see—this October, though no specific date was offered beyond that.

Tom Sykes

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