Stunning new Firefall footage has landed

firefall thumb

Red 5 have released a new video showing their upcoming free-to-play persistent world shooter Firefall in action. The video shows plenty of the weird alien creatures that inhabit Firefall's alternative vision of Earth, and many different ways in which to blast them. The huge open world locations and massive night time fire fights are looking great. Check out the video below.

It also looks as though the upgradable jetpacks attached to each player's mech suit can also house glowing energy wings, allowing players to fly without the need for a troop transport. Players will be able to upgrade their battlesuits to gain new abilities, from healing fields to close combat skills and other special attacks. The best thing is that the whole thing will be released free as a digital download next year. Red 5 are looking for beta testers right now, so head to the official Firefall site for more details.

[via Kotaku ]

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