How to sell items and make money in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

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If you're a farm sim regular, you'll want to know how to make money and sell items in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. Although AWL is played at a slower pace and is overall less focused on subsuming the entire local economy, you'll still need cash to afford new animals and those pricey farm facility upgrades. Here's how to sell everything you've farmed, fished, and foraged in Forgotten Valley.

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How to sell items in A Wonderful Life

There are three ways to sell items in A Wonderful Life:

  • Put crops and animal products in the shipping bin beside your barn at any time.
  • Sell any items to Van when he visits the town center on the 3rd and 8th of each season.
  • Sell any items at your own stall by setting it up in the town center.

When selling items via shipping bin, remember that only crops and animal products can be shipped. Fish, foraged plants, and meals you've cooked cannot be shipped. Low quality milk (marked C) cannot be shipped either. To get profits from your shipping bin, you need to check the ledger outside your house.

For all other items—fish, foraged plants, meals, and items from the archaeology dig—you'll need to sell them at a market stall in town. Van, the merchant, will visit town on the 3rd and 8th of each month between 12 pm and 6 pm and will accept everything sellable.

Instead of waiting for Van, you can also choose to set up your own market stall by going to the small paved circle near the town well and pressing your interact button. Add items you want to sell to the menu that pops up. Then you'll just have to wait. Villagers will approach your stall as they go about their daily schedule in town and you can speak to them while they're nearby to see what they're interested in buying. You'll then get the option to sell the item for its regular price or at a small discount. Sometimes they won't want to buy an item for full price and you'll be out of luck, but that's just capitalism baby. You can also sell to a person multiple times in a row if they're still standing nearby. 

Unless you give a discount, selling items in your stall or to Van will earn you the same amount of gold, as will selling crops in your shipping bin.

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How to make money in A Wonderful Life 

Above are all the ways to actually make bank, but what items should you focus on selling when you start out? The best items to sell to make money early are: 

  • Milk - Your first cow will initially produce B quality milk and if you take good care of her you'll make 800 gold a day in just milk.
  • Scad - After you buy the fishing rod from Van, angle for these ocean fish. Even the small ones sell for 25 gold apiece but the big ones will net you 65 gold, more than other common spring fish.
  • Golden Fork - Dig these up at the archeological site, look for spots with small gold stones in the dirt. They sell for 1,000 gold each if you can find them.
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