Stories Untold is an incoming Stranger Things-a-like narrative game series

Everything about Stories Untold echoes the '80s-styled Netflix sci-fi TV programme Stranger Things, right down to its iconic era-authentic artwork. The latter is in fact designed by Kyle Lambert who designed the show's poster, however its game variation is a collection of parser-based narrative adventures that starts with The House Abandon—a one-time Ludum Dare entry and game that Tom Sykes covered in his Free Games of the Week column last year. 

Developed by Glasgow-based outfit No Code and published by Devolver Digital, Stories Untold is heading to Steam on February 27, where it aims to "scare your pants off", for £3.99/$4.99. Here's a teaser: 

And what about this Stranger Things-inspired poster?

At the time of writing, Stories Untold's non-remastered The House Abandon pilot episode is available to download over on It's cool and free so I'd recommend doing so, however here's Tom's thoughts before you do: 

"[The House Abandon] also borrows Alien: Isolation's flickering VHS aesthetic, to tell the story of a person sitting down at an old computer to have an adventure. Rather than viewing the adventure game directly, you're given a view of an authentically modelled desk—complete with a retro computer and a CRT TV—and the atmosphere this setup conjures up is palpable."