Steelrising, the game about French Revolutionary robots, is looking for testers

When Greedfall developer Spiders announced its next project at last year's Nacon Connect event, my attention was immediately grabbed. It's called Steelrising, and it's essentially a retelling of the French Revolution, except that this time around King Louis XVI has an army of murderous androids at his command and the only hope for the citizens of Paris is Marie Antoinette's bodyguard Aegis, also an android, who's been dispatched to find and kill its creator in order to stop the king's machines.

If you, like me, are immediately curious but also cautious—Spider's previous game, also a heavily fictionalized take on historical events called Greedfall, is "adequate," we said in our 67% review—then you'll be pleased to hear that the studio is now seeking participants for the first Steelrising playtest. 

The exact nature of the test—how complete the game is at this point, how much of it will be playable, that sort of thing—isn't clear at this point, nor is the number of testers that Spiders is seeking. But if you're curious about the game—and come on, how could you not be?—you can sign up to take part in this Google doc. You'll need to answer a few questions about your platform of choice (Steelrising is also coming to consoles), configuration, and experience with other games in the genre, including Dark Souls, Darksiders, Bloodborne, and Assassin's Creed Unity.

The testing is set to begin in early March and will run for 7-10 days. A Steelrising release date hasn't been set yet (and the Steam page is rather sparse at this point too) but you can find out more about the French Revolutionary Robots game at

Thanks, VG247.

Andy Chalk

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