Steam In-Home Streaming is now available outside the home

Steam In-Home Streaming, which lets you stream Steam games between devices that share a network, has "experimentally" been unshackled and is now available outside the home, too. Given the change, it's got a new name, Steam Remote Play, and you can try it out now. 

As long as both devices you're running Steam on have a good connection and are close to a Steam datacentre, you should be able to stream games between each other wherever they are. You'll probably still want a wired connection, though. Even with a 5GHz router, I've found playing flashier games over wi-fi comes with too many concessions. 

Here are the rest of the changes to Remote Play:

  • In-Home Streaming settings have been renamed Remote Play settings 
  • Paired Steam Link devices now show up in the Remote Play settings 
  • You can now remove all paired Steam Link devices 
  • Fixed the PC to PC streaming client hanging when you alt-tab away from it 
  • Added a network status icon to indicate that the network connection is slow. 

Another big update is impending. Valve is overhauling the Steam Library, with a public beta due in the coming weeks. It will introduce a customisable homepage that displays our game collection, along with changes to game detail pages and the sidebar. It looks pretty significant. 

In the meantime, here are the full patch notes for the latest Steam client update. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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