Steam client beta update adds easy "virtual reality mode" access

Yesterday, Valve released a Steam client beta update that makes accessing the services's “Virtual Reality Mode” even easier. VR mode allows you to browse the store, access your library, and generally use Steam with an Oculus Rift dev kit. Valve first added VR support in January , when it introduced the SteamVR application to the beta client's Tools library. This recent update simplifies access.

Before this update, using Steam with the Oculus Rift was a little difficult, requiring you modify the application's command line. With the update, SteamVR installed, and a supported head mounted display (HMD), you can simply switch to the Virtual Reality Mode by choosing it from the View menu, in the same way you can switch to Big Picture mode.

The latest Steam client beta update also makes a few changes and additions to the In-Home Streaming beta. It adds hardware accelerated encoding via Intel QuickSync, mouse emulation mode for controllers, and “unlimited bandwidth has been increased to 100 Mbit for those who want to live on the edge.”

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