State of Decay getting mouse and keyboard support, possibly by the end of the week

Undead Labs' zombie survival simulator hit Steam Early Access in September after a highly successful run on Xbox Live this summer. State of Decay has only been playable for those with a controller however, so those wishing to use a mouse and keyboard to experience horrifying chases across the American countryside have been left out in the cold. Undead Labs may solve that by the end of the week.

A forum post on the developer's website says that "progress is indeed being made" on mouse and keyboard support. The developer also says in another post down the thread that it is "hoping for the end of the week" for the patch, but "If something goes to hell in testing, it'll get pushed to early next week."

For now, State of Decay is available on Steam Early Access for $19.99. With no official date on when it will be released without that banner, the game steadily inches toward total completion with this news. The developer has been hard at work on the PC version , ironing out bugs and working on sandbox and cooperative modes to add to the ever-developing survival simulator. The game got positive reviews when it was first released—we'll keep you posted as we find out more about the PC version.