State of Decay's sandboxy expansion arriving November 29th

Open world zombie survival game State of Decay took its sweet time coming to PC, but you can't say the same about its first chunk of additional content: the long-teased Breakdown DLC. Breakdown will hit a certain last-gen console and past-current-and-future-gen PCs on November 29th, which is when zombies traditionally celebrate the festive period. (They have zombie reindeer and a zombie Santa and everything - it's really quite lovely, actually.) What is in, on, or under Breakdown's bonnet, you ask? Why, a new, pretty-much-endless sandbox mode, along with "new achievements, survivors and weapons". All that and a bag of chips (warning: game might not contain chips) can be yours for $6.99.

The new sandbox mode functions much like the main one - only without a story, obviously - and with the ability to discover a broken-down RV that will transport you to a reshuffled version of the map if you can get it running. It's essentially Dark Souls' New Game Plus; once you've plundered the map's resources and saved everyone you want to save, you can take your chums on a trip to a new, eerily similar valley with remixed content and harder level of difficulty. You can do this an endless number of times, apparently, though developers Undead Labs have only managed to survive about eight.

Here's a trailer showing the new survivors and the like:

Tom Sykes

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