State of Decay developer discusses PC version

Undead Labs hosted a livestream on earlier today, laying out what we should expect to see in State of Decay's upcoming PC release (but compiled the important bits into a forum post ) and things are looking pretty typical.

The zombie-infested open world will come with all the trimmings we have come to expect from the most basic of PC ports, which includes enhanced graphics, higher resolutions, and improved framerates (depending on how decent your current rig is). There's nothing particularly astonishing about those features, but it's nice to know we're not looking at something resembling the Dark Souls PC port .

Undead Labs also announced that State of Decay won't come with any mod tools, but said it's is perfectly fine with diligent individuals releasing mods for the game. The developer mentioned it wasn't adding any new features or content to the PC release, so we'll have to rely on modders for the additional content.

State of Decay isn't coming out until later this year, but Undead Labs confirmed it would release through Steam's early access program. However, the early access version will be controller-only, so those who break out in hives at the mere sight of an analog stick will have to wait it out a little while.

We've contacted Undead Labs asking for additional details on State of Decay's PC port and will update the story appropriately.