Starfield bug means you can just stroll up and take one of the best spacesuits right at the start of the game with no skill or repercussions

Starfield Mark I Spacesuit
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Starfield poses many threats to the willing space adventurer, from hostile Spacer pirates to alien beasts to extreme planetary environments, so the importance of a good spacesuit cannot be overstated.

Now you could buy a basic suit and upgrade it, or slowly find spacesuits with better specs as you play. Both are perfectly fine options. 

Or, you know, thanks to a Bethesda whoopsie discovered by gamer Patrick Maka, you could simply stroll into the basement of Constellation's headquarters and take the elite Mark I Spacesuit, helmet and boost pack, which not only looks a million dollars but also has some really sweet specs.

Watch the video below to see where and how to grab the Mark I.

Grabbing the Mark I Spacesuit couldn't be easier, too. As soon as you get to Constellation's headquarters in New Atlantis, which is called The Lodge, progress down the hallway to the right as soon as you enter the building and then proceed down the stairs.

In the basement of The Lodge there are a few rooms, but in a smaller storage room at the back you'll find a glass case with a spacesuit inside. Approach this and you'll see that it needs an master-level lockpicking skill to open. But, actually, thanks to a small mistake on Bethesda's part, you don't need any skill at all.

This is the spacesuit in a case you're looking for. (Image credit: Future)

Because you can just technically grab the suit by looking through a small gap between the door of the case and the case itself. Where the door's hinges are, focussing on the black line that runs down between the two, simply gently move your cursor until you see the words on the screen change to 'Mannequin', with the 'Open' command available.

Press the button you have assigned to open something in your game of Starfield (the default on PC is E) and then loot the three items of Mark I Spacesuit stored within. You will now have these items in your inventory, so simply open your inventory and put the items on. Job done. And, just to be clear, there are no consequences for doing this, with Constellation, the United Colonies, or anyone. It's the perfect crime.

The Mark I Spacesuit in all its glory. (Image credit: Future)

And that Mark I Spacesuit is definitely worth getting, as you can see above. It looks really sleek and futuristic, as well as packing some really tasty stats that will help protect you against all forms of damage. Better still, you can then upgrade the Mark 1 Spacesuit at any suit upgrade bench, making it even better.

All parts of the Mark 1 Spacesuit can be modified, increasing its ballistic, energy, and electromagnetic shielding capabilities, while more exotic modifications like Regeneration (which allows you to slowly regain health out of combat) and Power Boost Pack (which lets you boost really high) can also be installed, providing you have the relevant Spacesuit Design badge grade and necessary materials.

Fully upgrade all three parts of the Mark 1 with top-tier mods like Heavy Shielding (increases all damage resistance) and Gravitic Composites (makes it harder for enemies to detect you), and this spacesuit will be a mainstay of your loadout for a huge portion of Starfield.

Mantis armor in Starfield

The Mantis armor in Starfield has perks attached, but is not as protective as the Mark 1 spacesuit. (Image credit: Future)

The only downside I can see with this Mark 1 spacesuit is that it does not come with any trait perks attached, as many rarer items in Starfield do. For example, the Mantis armor, which is earned at the end of the Mantis questline, comes with three traits, which can range from Weapon Holsters (which reduce carried weapon weight by 50 per cent) to Chameleon (become camouflaged when not moving and sneaking) and onto Sensor Chip, which improves firing accuracy when moving. As such, while the Mark 1's core protective stats are great, and it can be modified to improve it further, chances are by the later stages of Starfield you'll have acquired a suit/armor with high protection and these desirable perk traits. 

As you can see from the video above, I have personally confirmed this exploit works, so all I can say now is that, if you like the look of the Mark I, move quickly to bag it now before the big B gets wise and patches it out.


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