Starbound's latest update brings huge balance changes, new items, a grappling hook

One of the biggest problems with Early Access - and pre-release alpha access in general - is that it's now possible to buy a game that doesn't include a grappling hook. Sure, to some extent you can be comforted by the knowledge that, as a game, the developers will eventually add a grappling hook. But what are you supposed to do before that unknown milestone? Luckily, for owners of Starbound, that question has been resolved as of today's major update. Oh, and it's also rebalanced everything in the game and added a significant amount of other new stuff.

Here's the change list, courtesy of the Reddits .

  • HUGE balance patch, every item, creature, armour and weapon rebalanced. Levelling system entirely rewritten

  • Added early implementation of creature taming (more features coming soon)

  • Added new mining items

  • Added new weapons

  • Added new throwable items

  • Added grappling hook

  • Added new boss and new sector of the galaxy

  • Added a stance system to weaponry, not currently used but will allow us to add secondary attacks to weaponry very soon.

  • Tons of new sounds

  • Guns more common in tier 3

  • Underground detached/rare biomes more common

  • Underground random encounters more common

  • Underground chests more common

  • Ore rebalance (probably way way too much ore at the moment, will be fixed later, enjoy it)

  • Baby monsters

  • New monster palettes

  • Added pixel compressor for high cost banking (idea from Ncrpts)

  • Disable using the beam-axe to light caves underground

  • Added new hats

  • some monsters now graze on grass (can look ugly, needs finishing)

  • Small bipeds now socialise with each other

  • All the monsters behave smarter and are less likely to get stuck

  • You can no longer attack through blocks

  • Fix the game on XP (hopefully)

  • Tons more fixes and smaller additions

While it's still early in the balancing process, the new levelling system has been designed to more easily allow for improvements over time. Expect a long adjustment period, then. Not that it should be a problem, as long as the game still lets people do cool stuff like this:

Now we just need to wait for other Early Access titles to get their grappling hooks. Come on GODUS.

Phil Savage

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