Star Wars: The Old Republic Terror from Beyond operation will have TOR's biggest monster yet

As a wise talking pistachio nut once said "if a scary portal you have constructed, build a remote off switch into it you must." Poor Yoda, if only he wasn't so tiny and ridiculous more galactic empires might listen. As it is, the Dread Masters have activated an ancient portal called the Hypergate, and now it's spewing a tide of monsters into the universe at a rate of five Shuggoths a minute. Who will stop them? YOU, in the latest Operation to be added in Star Wars: The Old Republic update 1.4.

A new post on the Star Wars: The Old Republic site outlines the new high level raid. It's called Terror from Beyond and contains five bosses, one of them will be a "puzzle" encounter that'll have us fighting to repair a vast machine from the inside. The final boss is "a creature of unprecedented scale in Star Wars: The Old Republic." The spoils for downing this otherworldly beast include a new set of PvE gear.

As well as all that, "players will run into a familiar face on Asation. No spoilers, but here's a hint: he's not going to be very happy to see you." If it's that Sith warrior with the annoying laugh I maimed back on Hoth I'm sorry, okay. I did it for the XP I SWEAR.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is going free to play later this year, but it'll be going up against Guild Wars 2 and Mists of Pandaria. That's a fight that'd test even the likes of Master Yoda. Are you tempted to give TOR a try?

Tom Senior

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