Star Wars: The Old Republic offers double XP weekends, first of three starts now

The first of three consecutive double XP weekends in Star Wars: The Old Republic begins today, giving you a chance to take a risk on an outlandish new character build or burn through some new levels with an old favorite in the MMORPG. XP being the precious mana of nearly any online multiplayer game, we're always on the lookout for ways to get more of it.

SWTOR is offering double XP and legacy XP on the days listed below:

  • June 21 (1 p.m. CDT/6 p.m. GMT) - June 24 (2 a.m. CDT/7 a.m. GMT)
  • June 28 (1 p.m. CDT/6 p.m. GMT) - July 1 (2 a.m. CDT/7 a.m. GMT)
  • July 4 (6 a.m. CDT/11 a.m. GMT) - July 8 (2 a.m. CDT/7 a.m. GMT)

If you haven't checked out SWTOR yet, this could also be a good chance to take a look at the now free-to-play Bioware MMO. The player base is reportedly stabilized , if not growing, and the early levels for each character class set you up with a context, a backstory, and maybe some new friends to take with you into the rest of game. The ability to make a speedier run through the initial stages of the SWTOR would also let you get your hands on a lightsaber just a little bit more quickly. No one wants to be the Jedi with the vibrosword, do they?