The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire released

The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic's episodic Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion is out, and there's a new trailer revealing what we're in for. Namely: force-flinging, lightsabers, speeder bikes, ominous dialogue, and a dude that sounds like Jeremy Irons. (I don't think it's Jeremy Irons.)

KOTFE puts players in the role of the Outlander, who BioWare says is "a veteran of the Great Galactic War. As the Outlander, players must confront a powerful new enemy, the immortal Emperor, Valkorion, whose dark destiny is tied to their own". Sounds typically Star Warsy, that. There's a level 60 character included in the expansion (which is free for The OId Republic subscribers), so you'll be able to jump straight in to the new stuff. The expansion raises the level cap to 65.

KOTFE also revamps the first 50 (character) levels of the base game, refining them "to put more focus on a player-driven story arc. In addition, all of the Flashpoints in the core story now feature a solo mode with level sync, offering players the ability to play these missions on their own as they adapt to the character’s level". Those first 50 levels comprise The Old Republic's free-to-play component, remember.

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