Star Wars: The Old Republic hosting Double XP weekend until March 17th

If you've still got some levelling to do in The Old Republic, this would be the weekend to jump back in. Starting in a few hours, the game will award twice the experience for completing missions, killing things, and... well, generally doing stuff . And, by progressing at twice the speed, you'll get a quicker route to the game's best bits. It'll be like watching the entire film saga, but then skipping Episodes One to Three. I think that's what you're meant to do in the first place.

The SW:TOR site has posted up the time details for the event:

  • STARTS: Friday, March 14, 2014, 11AM PDT / 6PM GMT

  • ENDS: Monday, March 17, 2014, 12AM PDT / 7AM GMT

If you've no other plans this weekend, the lure of extra rewards for your space fights and laser battles could be a tempting way to start/continue on with the free-to-play MMO.

If you're an old vet and, more importantly, a subscriber to the game, you'll also get a Lucky-77 Swoop speeder as of March 17th. Details of that promotion can be found here .

The game now contains the free Galactic Starfighter update . The PvP space combat expansion was made available to all players last month.

Phil Savage

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