Star Wars: The Old Republic Holonet details new creatures and characters

Star Wars the Old Republic sith pureblood

Bioware have added more information to the Holonet, detailing many of the creatures and characters we'll be meeting when the game's released next year. Entries include the blind, force capable warrior monks, the Miraluka, and a cute but deadly mini Rancor creature.

You'll find the Holonet on the Star Wars: The Old Republic site. The images can be shuffled around and clicked to access more information and screenshots of each character. Stand out entries include the bright red Sith Purebloods and the spiky Terentatek monsters. What's your favourite?

For more information o classes and crafting in Star Wars: The Old Republic, check out our preview . The game's due out next year.

[via Bluesnews ]

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