Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire debuts on GOG

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire was originally released in 1996 for the Nintendo 64, followed by a Windows version a year later. It didn't make a huge splash, critically or commercially, but Samuel liked it enough to include it in his list from last month of old Star Wars games that need to be on modern PCs. And it looks like maybe somebody was listening. 

Shadows of the Empire is now available on GOG, one day before Star Wars Day, with a “launch discount” of 20 percent off the regular $6 price. “The fight will take Rendar, his co-pilot droid Leebo, and his trusty spaceship The Outrider through iconic locations where Star Wars history was made,” GOG wrote. “Whether he is taking down AT-ATs on Hoth, fighting off assassins sent after Luke Skywalker, or dueling Boba Fett, the adventures of Dash evoke that unmistakable Star Wars vibe that quickly turned him into a fan favorite.”

That sounds like it jibes with Sam's comment that Shadows of the Empire is “an average game but a great Star Wars experience,” which itself seems to fit with user reviews: An imperfect game that nonetheless manages to nail the best of the “galaxy far, far away” stuff. And really, isn't that what we're after? 

Speaking of Star Wars Day, GOG has a pair of Star Wars game bundles, the Blaster and the Saber, on sale for up to 77 percent off until May 9. If you don't already own the games in the Saber bundle, which includes the Jedi Knight series, both KotORs and Republic Commando, what are you doing with yourself?

Andy Chalk

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