Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order update removes BD-1's unplanned stealth powers

(Image credit: EA)

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order's latest update sorts out the unfriendly world of Dathomir, home to rancors and Darth Maul's mates. A missing bridge that impeded progress has been found, players should no longer get stuck in its tomb, and a character who sometimes wouldn't appear has been glued to their spot. 

Unfortunately for BD-1, the update also removed his powers of invisibility. Apparently the wee droid developed a stealth field and never told anyone. After finishing Bogano, some players reported that BD-1 would become invisible, but now that it's been fixed you'll once again be able to see your now less magical droid. 

Check out the rest of the fixes below. 

  • There was an issue that would sometimes cause BD-1 to turn invisible after completing Bogano. This has been fixed and everyone’s favourite droid will now be visible.
  • The Force bar has had its colour switched, making it easier to read.
  • You will no longer be able to glitch through a wall on Ilum.
  • An issue that caused the Spire of Miktrull from being raised has been fixed.
  • A missing bridge on Dathomir has been located, no longer blocking game progress.
  • Spheres can no longer get stuck in the wall within the Tomb of Eilram.
  • An issue preventing players from leaving the tomb on Dathomir has been addressed.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing players from completing the Force Push tutorial.
  • Players can no longer bypass a specific area on Dathomir that requires double jump.
  • BD-1 will no longer disappear during a later section of the game.
  • Talking to BD-1 during the AT-AT scene on Kashyyyk will no longer break the scene.
  • There was an issue which prevented players from locating the double bladed lightsaber on Dathomir, this has been addressed.
  • Improved collision on Bogano.
  • Improved collision on Ilum.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause the player to die at the same time as another [spoiler] character.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause parts of the level to become affected by lightsaber throws during one of the fights with [spoiler].
  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck on Dathomir after defeating [spoiler].
  • Fixed an issue from occurring where a character would not appear on Dathomir, and thus preventing players from progressing.
  • An issue preventing players from completing a sphere puzzle on Zeffo has been addressed.

The only thing that's been impeding my progress is a lack of motivation. I'm on the final stretch, but I'm not getting the itch to finish Cal's very vanilla Star Wars adventure when I've still got such a huge backlog of brilliant 2019 games (and 2018, 2017...) to finish. I'll miss the lightsaber, though. 

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