Star Wars Battlefront graphics mod makes the game look like a movie

Star Wars Battlefront Toddyhancer mod

Martin "Toddyftw" Bergman's Toddyhancer graphics mod, which we got a look at back in August, makes Grand Theft Auto V's lighting look ridiculously good. As it turns out, it also works wonders for Star Wars Battlefront. It's a very pretty game to start with, no question, but the screens he recently posted to Imgur look like stills taken straight from the films....with sharpness cranked up to eye-gouging levels.

Sadly, there's no video of the Toddyhanced Star Wars Battlefront in action, so we have to take the quality of these screens on faith to a certain extent. That said, the roughly 80 images archive Bergman posted look startlingly similar to the films, though the texture 'pop' comes from oversharpening. (100 or so screens from an older build can be seen here.) An effect like this should be possible with an ENBSeries or ReShade mod, as we saw years ago with ICEhancer for GTA IV.

Alas, all that super-sexiness comes with a price: Bergman estimates that running the mod will cut 30-40 fps off your frame rate. That's a huge hit, so clearly its use will be limited to those with seriously high-end hardware.

There's no word about when the Star Wars Battlefront Toddyhancer mod (or the GTA5 version, for that matter) will be out. I've emailed Bergen to ask, and when I know, you'll know. In the meantime, feast your eyes on a few more screens below.

Star Wars Battlefront Toddyhancer mod






Star Wars Battlefront Toddyhancer mod

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