Star Wars Battlefront 2 goes free on the Epic Store next week

Star Wars Battlefront 2
(Image credit: EA)

With the holidays over and a new year off to a roaring start, the Epic Games Store has returned to its usual weekly cadence of free games. The 2021 giveaways begins with Crying Suns, an FTL-inspired strategy roguelike that, when we dove into it in 2019, we quite liked in some ways, and did not care for in others.

"Together with the inventive combat and gauntlet of narrative choices to be made, Crying Suns is a good strategy game that's absolutely worth playing as long as you're okay with it not being much of a roguelike," we wrote in our 79/100 review. "Repetitive encounters and a general lack of challenge made my journey through this corpse of a galactic empire not nearly as hardfought as it should."

Tales of galactic empires will continue in next week's freebie, which is a much higher-profile offering: The Star Wars Battlefront 2 Celebration Edition, which includes "the complete collection of customization content acquirable through in-game purchase," up to and including the Rise of the Skywalker update. It's not actually available for purchase on the Epic Store yet, but is scheduled to show up—and take its place as the weekly freebie—on January 14.

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