Star Trek Online's Rise of Discovery update brings back Captain Lorca

With the second season of Star Trek: Discovery over, you might be looking to fill the hole in your life with something else Trek-shaped, and free-to-play MMO Star Trek Online's upcoming major update might just fit the bill. Rise of Discovery continues the crossover with the show, this time featuring Captain Lorca and Commander Landry, voiced by Jason Isaacs and Rekha Sharma. Watch the trailer above.

The first season of Discovery left some unanswered questions about Lorca, while Commander Landry had an unexpected and bloody exit, so Rise of Discovery aims to fill in some blanks and give us a bit of backstory about the pair across two episodes. It's set before the events of the first season, and players will need to help the commander rescue a stranded Captain Lorca and deal with the Klingons of House Mo'Kai. 

While Star Trek Online is set in the post-Next Gen era, it frequently dips into the other eras thanks to time travel, Star Trek's favourite MacGuffin, so you can make TOS or Discovery captains but still play with everyone else in the current era. You don't need to make a new captain to play through the Discovery episodes, however. 

As well as the new episodes, Rise of Discovery introduces a new Tier 6 reputation, Discovery Legends, which will net you rewards for Task Force Operations. Discovery themed, naturally. Tier 6 vessels, meanwhile, are being converted into free-for-all ships, available to players of any level. They'll scale to the player's level, so everyone can take them for a fly. No longer will you have to stare at them on space stations and dream about the future. 

More details on the update and the changes to Tier 6 ships will be available ahead of of Rise of Discovery's launch on May 14. 

Fraser Brown
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