Star Trek: Bridge Crew is bundled with the HTC Vive in June

Star Trek: Bridge Crew, aka the VR "yelling at your space friends" simulator, is out on Steam and the Oculus Store as of Monday. But if you're without a VR headset and in the market for an HTC Vive, you'll get to yell at your space friends free-of-charge, if you're planning to buy up this month.

Available until the end of June, the offer bundles Bridge Crew in with the usual bundled Vive titles, which include Zombie Training Simulator. It's a pretty good incentive for anyone in the market for VR, as Bridge Crew is among the few big budget, major publisher-backed projects on the horizon.

And James enjoyed it. "With friends or people on the same wavelength, Bridge Crew has the potential to be one of the more engrossing social VR experiences yet," he wrote. "Juggling space chores in an involved, convincing setting is inherently silly and fun, especially when you navigate a particularly difficult challenge. I just hope there’s enough depth to test the most hardcore Star Trek and space chore fans."

Shaun Prescott

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