Star Renegades roadmap teases more classes, bosses and maps

(Image credit: Raw Fury)

The infinite timelines of Star Renegades will be getting busier across this year and next, with developer Massive Damage revealing its future plans through a post-launch roadmap. 

You'll be able to try and save the timeline with new classes like the Dragoon, a damage/support hybrid that's able to absorb and rechannel fury from enemy attacks, and tango with new enemies on new worlds. Take a look below. 

(Image credit: Raw Fury)

I grabbed Star Renegades on Xbox Game Pass a wee while ago but have yet to make my own attempts to save the universe. I had no idea you got a pet dog, however, so I'll be rectifying my mistake shortly. The whole jumping to a new timeline if you fail routine also gives it some Into the Breach vibes, which I'm very much into. 

There's also a light Shadow of Mordor-style nemesis system, character relationships, plenty of nods to JRPGs and a bunch of other concepts that make it seem both seductive and very messy. 

Alex Spencer called it a "multiversal master of none," in our Star Renegades review, stamping it with a 72, but I quite like the sound of all the clutter.  

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