Star Citizen teases huge 'very Blade Runner-esque' cities

The last time we popped our heads into the enduring development of Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games showed us the minute details that go into crafting its space ships' cockpits. Now, the developer has offered a look at its sprawling "very Blade Runner-esque" cities. 

Taking to the stage at this weekend's CitizenCon 2947, CIG's Chris Roberts showcased the game's Area 18 that's featured in previous videos. Filled with people scuttling around the neon-lit district, the city is living and breathing—lined with towering buildings and industrious, smoke-belching chimneys. 

"So, we've gone a bit bigger. The big difference we have with [the planet] ArcCorp now, is that there isn't really a skybox," Roberts says below. "Everything is real. Well, not real, it's digital but it's there"—by which I assume Roberts means everything that we see can be explored or reached by sky or land. 

Here's Roberts keynote address in full, however you can skip to the 13 minute mark for the above if you're short on time:

At present, CIG is in the process of rolling out Star Citizens 3.0, however there's no word yet on when exactly we'll see the above in practice. 

Thanks, Eurogamer