Star Citizen FPS module revealed at PAX Australia

Star Citizen FPS

Star Citizen's all-encompassing sci-fi fantasy includes dogfighting, trading, shopping hub bits, spaceship racing and first-person shooter sections, and developers Roberts Space Industries have finally shown off the last one today at PAX Australia. Livestream problems prevented the whole presentation from being streamed on the net, but a couple of separate segments have survived on their Twitch channel, along with ten minutes of first-person co-op in the following YouTube video.

As with the rest of the game, RSI are bigging up the visual fidelity and immersion of Star Citizen's FPS module; they've also implemented an interesting alternative solution to the common respawning mechanic. When a teammate is down, players will need to physically drag them to safety before they can recover. If they don't, well, they won't be returning to the battlefield any time soon.

The surviving livestream segments are below. The second one repeats much of the content of the above YT video, but there's some interesting extra stuff towards the end.

Towards the end of the stream, RSI talked about their updated roadmap for Star Citizen. We can expect Arena Commander 1.0 in late 2014, with the FPS module, the Planetside/Social module, Arena Commander 2.0, Squadron 42's first chapter, and Planetside's persistent universe alpha arriving in 2015, and in that order. Squadron 42 is the game's single-player bit, you'll remember, and we can expect this first chapter to be around 15-20 hours in length.

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