Square Enix confirms lay-offs, says MMO service will be unaffected

There's never a good time to lose your job, but something about it happening at the tail-end of December seems particularly unpleasant. This month has already seen Petroglyph and Trion Worlds make staff cuts, and now Square Enix have confirmed to Massively that they have downsized their LA office.

Senior Director of Public Relations Riley Brennan: "In order to ensure it is operating effectively, the Square Enix Los Angeles office has reduced its workforce. This was a difficult decision and we wish the best for those affected by these changes. The decision will not have any impact on the operations of MMO titles. Customers can expect those services to continue, including the upcoming launch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn."

He's specifically responding to rumours from Massively's anonymous sources that claimed the cuts would affect the continued running of Wakfu and Final Fantasy 14. While neither game is likely to be performing to SE's expectations - FF14 launched with a slew of problems that have necessitated the Realm Reborn relaunch - facing job cuts so near to Christmas must be horrible for everyone involved. Best of luck to all affected.

Brennan hasn't confirmed how many employees have been laid-off or which areas were targeted.

Phil Savage

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