End of Nations' developer Petroglyph facing lay-offs [Updated]

Update: Petroglyph have released an official statement explaining the situation. Here it is in full:

"Petroglyph Games Inc., an innovative studio that has created and launched multiple successful games over the years, has concluded its work as developer on End of Nations™ for publisher Trion Worlds. As a result, Petroglyph has reduced its workforce by 19 employees."

"The team at Petroglyph is very excited about End of Nations, a title which earned more than 50 nominations and awards while in development, and looks forward to its upcoming release."

"Additionally, Petroglyph recently moved into a larger facility in Las Vegas to house its current headcount of over 90 employees. Development work continues on multiple projects across different genres and platforms, both internally and externally funded, with releases planned through 2014."

Original: Things aren't looking great for Petroglyph Games, developers of the online RTS End of Nations. Last week the game was indefinitely postponed, after the closed beta identified several areas of the game in need of " polish and improvement ." Now, Eurogamer are reporting that they have it on "good authority" that 30 developers have been laid off at the studio.

The claim is backed up by a tweet from End of Nations designer Adam Stevens. "Well, it appears this Winter break will be extended indefinitely," he wrote, adding: "Layoffs at Petroglyph. Looking like I'll be Leaving Las Vegas."

Despite the sharp downward turn in End of Nations' fortune, Lance James, the game's community manager, posted on their forum to assure fans that the project was still alive. "Indeed - just wait and let us deliver a better game! End of Nations has not been cancelled!"

We've contacted Petroglyph for confirmation.

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