Squad version 7 out now, adds vehicles

Ian Birnbaum had a high opinion of Early Access military sim Squad back in December of last year, and that was before it featured vehicles—quite an important part of the modern military experience, I'm told. Long promised, Squad finally gets vehicles today, as part of its massive alpha 7 patch, now on Steam. You can see the new features in action in the trailer above, or you can read this enormous blog post, which goes into how vehicles function in exhaustive detail.

Eleven vehicles have been added to the game for its latest alpha version, spread across three disciplines: transport, logistics, and fire support. While vehicles will respawn on some maps, this will come at a heavy ticket cost, so the developers warn players to "protect and repair your vehicles!"

Squad leaders will be able to claim untended vehicles, and make them their own, but there are a number of restrictions in place for that, so read up on the aforementioned blog post if you want the nitty gritty.

Tom Sykes

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