Squad is free to play this weekend

(Image credit: Offworld Industries)
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If you were curious about Squad's new update that adds commanders, artillery, and air strikes, you're in luck: Squad is free to play on Steam this weekend. Developer Offworld Industries has opened the game up to support StackUp, a military charity that supports active duty military and veterans through gaming.

StackUp is holding its 2019 "Call to Arms (opens in new tab)" event this weekend, which will feature live streams of of veteran-oriented clans playing Squad, Post Scriptum, and Squad Ops. There's also time set aside for some SquadZ, which of course is Squad's zombie mod.

If you're more into watching than playing, there's a streaming schedule for Saturday up at Squad's official site (opens in new tab), and you can donate to support the Offworld Industry team over at StackUp's event page (opens in new tab).

Otherwise, you can dive right into Squad for free all weekend (opens in new tab), from now through Monday, November 18. New players can buy the game for 50 percent off this weekend, too.