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How to check if the Splitgate servers are down

Splitgate server - soldier jumping through portal with a gun
(Image credit: 1047 Games)

Looking for the current Splitgate server status? If you've tried to jump into the free-to-play multiplayer shooter during the past week, you may have had trouble getting into a game at times. Splitgate has been in Early Access since 2019, but the recent influx of players seems to be down to the beta launch on console and the addition of crossplay.

The servers are starting to look more stable than they did a few weeks ago when the developers had to take it offline completely. But, as you still might run into queues when trying to jump into a match, this guide will help you figure out the current queue times. Here's how to check the Splitgate servers so you can get back to playing with portals.

Splitgate server status: How to check it 

Now that server capacity has been increased and queue times shortened, connecting to a match should be less of an issue. But if you suspect a problem, there are a couple of ways you can check the status of the Splitgate servers. The Splitgate Status Twitter account stays up to date with any major server issues, so if you're having problems connecting, this is a good place to check before you start looking at your own connection. 

If you want to get an idea of current queue times, on the other hand, joining the official Discord gives you the most recent estimated wait time, along with the status of Casual and Ranked matchmaking as well as Custom Games. The staff team regularly updates this.

Developer 1047 Games has been working hard to resolve the issues since the recent surge of players caused them to buckle under the stain. While the beta will run until the game officially launches, the original release date of July 27 has been pushed back to give the devs time to revamp the server infrastructure. Don't fret, though. The game is due to launch this month.

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