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Spiff up your Galactic Empire in Star Wars Battlefront 2 with this mod

(Image credit: Norm via EA)
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Ever feel like your Stormtroopers are a bit bland? Like they lack the verve and identifying markers that a professional fighting force should have? Modder Norm feels the same way, and has cranked out a visual overhaul for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (opens in new tab)'s imperial faction called The Galactic Empire - Reimagined (opens in new tab). The mod changes near every model on the imperial faction, giving each of their classes a more distinct visual design. 

The new troopers have stylish identification shoulder armor and small visual flourishes that make them look like more of a combat-ready force who can hold their own, rather than slick policemen. I especially like the decision to add MOLLE-esque pockets and the like to their armor. 

(Image credit: Norm via EA)

With DICE ending support for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (opens in new tab) we've seen a flurry of modding activity around it. Modders often really take on big challenges after official support ends because developer updates are now much less likely to break their work, requiring significant fixing. We quite like Star Wars: Battlefront 2's final form around here. Our Fraser Brown was an exceptionally big fan of its revamped looks, calling it "the best Star Wars game we've had in years." (opens in new tab)

You can find The Galactic Empire - Reimagined on Nexusmods (opens in new tab), and you can get Star Wars: Battlefront 2 from EA's Origin service (opens in new tab)

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