Spartan Fist gameplay trailer features flying fists and exploding heads

First revealed back in May, Spartan Fist is a voxel-based first-person arena brawler in which you play Emma Jones, a police detective with super powers who punches people in the face so hard that they literally explode. Don't worry, though, because she's doing it for a good cause: Money and fame. 

Developer Glass Bottom Games described Spartan Fist as "whimsically gritty," which is an odd sort of juxtaposition that nonetheless fits. The music is upbeat, everyone is wearing bright pastels, and they make funny little squeaking noises when you sock them in the chops, reminiscent of a dog's chew toy. On the other hand, blood is flying everywhere, and you are, for lack of a more delicate way to put it, murdering people with your bare hands. 

Moral ambiguities aside, it sounds like the fights could be pretty good. Spartan Fist promises procedurally-generated arenas and "high skill ceiling" slugfests, and "a ton of different playstyle-changing fist types [and] mysterious things to dip fists in—Maybe it'll give you power! Or not!" 

It's a little odd, yes, but that's true of Glass Bottom's previously releases, Hot Tin Roof and Jones on Fire, both of which feature the multi-talented Ms. Jones she was a firefighter in the first one) and both of which I really quite liked. So even though Spartan Fist is a long way from complete—it's not expected to be ready for release until sometime next year—I'm really looking forward to giving it a try. For now, you can give it a closer look on Steam   

Andy Chalk

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