Space Noir announcement trailer offers lots of space, not very much noir

Space Noir is a really good name for a game, although possibly not for this game. I say this because, judging from NFusion's announcement trailer, it doesn't seem to be very 'noir'. It's got a lava world, for one thing. Supposedly merging the developer's previous games, Deus Ex: The Fall and the tablet-only Air Mail, the brooding aerial dogfighter is making its way to both PC and tablets.


That trailer is somewhat out of step with the tone of the press release:

"In Space Noir, players take on the role of bounty hunter Hal Markham as he explores space, fights in white-knuckle combat both on- and off-world and captures intergalactic renegades with the help of his only companion, his ship's AI - Rhonda. Players journey across five worlds and play through over 35 intense missions, as Hal uncovers a far-reaching conspiracy and a mysterious person who could control the future of humanity."

Excitement! Sadness! Lasers! So far, my scepticism about PC/tablet joint releases has yet to be shot down. We'll find out if Space Noir can penetrate that shield this Summer.

Phil Savage

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