Space Marine will feature the hordes of Chaos

Space Marine - Bloodletter

Remember that Space Marine teaser image we posted recently? No? That's understandable, it was mostly just a picture of a dark corridor, but the hulking figure at the end of the corridor suggested the imminent reveal of a new foe. The face of that hidden evil has been unveiled, and it's pretty damn fugly. The forces of Chaos have been confirmed for Space Marine, meaning we'll be chopping up Bloodletter demons, corrupted Imperial Guardsmen and Chaos Space Marines in Relic's upcoming Warhammer 40K fighter.

Destructoid has the latest news and images of the new chaos forces. So far, psykers, corrupted Imperial Guard and the sword wielding Bloodletter demons of Khorne have been shown, but the game will feature Chaos Space Marines as well. Game director Raphael van Lierop take Destructoid through some of the new enemies.

"We have multiple types of Chaos Space Marine enemies, equipped with a variety of heavy weapons (ex. Autocannon, Plasma Cannon, etc.), Snipers, and some can pull out melee weapons and engage you in close quarters. Additionally, we're throwing Renegade Guard at you -- who can present a real ranged threat when they attack en masse."

"There are Bloodletters, intimidating demons, who are a very high-damage melee enemy -- they attack in groups and kind of 'phase' in and out, making them very difficult to target with ranged weapons, and when they get up close they attack you with vicious swords and rending attacks that can take you down quickly if you're not careful. There are Psykers, who can damage you from afar with psychic blasts and warp in other enemy units to mess with you."

Chaos are probably the most evil pick of Warhammer 40k's wide selection of mad and morally dubious races. Where Orks can be cut down in droves, individual Chaos warriors are much more powerful.

"While Orks attack in brutal and animalistic hordes, Chaos is a much more devious enemy, with the Chaos Space Marines being lethal in small numbers," says Van Lierop, adding that "while Titus can fight 30+ Orks at once, fighting 2 or 3 Chaos Space Marines presents a serious challenge."

Space Marine is due out this summer. For more info on the game, check out the latest trailer , read our Space Marine preview or head over to the official Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine site.

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