Space Marine co-op screens and trailers show ONLY WAR

Space Marine thumb

The first screenshots of the Space Marine co-op mode, Exterminatus , have arrived. They show four players of various Space Marine chapters holding off an Ork horde. In addition, there are also trailers for the Power Axe and Chainsword, joining the previous Thunder Hammer trailer for more completely over the top Warhammer 40,000 goodness.

Space Marine is released in September, the co-op mode will be added, as free DLC in October. FOR THE EMPEROR!

The Chainsword is a chainsaw that is also a sword. It saws people as you slash them! This makes sense in Warhammer 40,000, honest.

[bcvideo id="1143578522001"]

The Power Axe is an axe covered in power. No really, it's covered in powerful forcefield that makes it hit harder. As you can see, this tends to make Orks explode a lot.

[bcvideo id="1143578523001"]

Screenshots for the screenshot god!