Soulshammer 40,000 mod brings Space Marines to Dark Souls

Since its launch last year, the Total War: Warhammer series has seen Games Workshop's fantasy universe paired with Creative Assembly's turn-based tactical battle series to great effect. Abject's Soulshammer 40,000 mod now unofficially brings Space Marines to Lordran. 

We've covered Dark Souls modder Abject's work in the past—from Shovel Souls to Fidget Souls; from Epic Sax Guy to BloodSouls—and their latest is, typically, tongue-in-cheek and good fun.

Have a gander:

As is standard with Abject's creations, you'll need DSFix in order to change the base game's icons and HUD. You'll also need DSMODT so as to load the mod's 3D textures and models into your game. 

As well as 40K Space Marine models, Soulshammer 40,000 also adds a Bolter, Chainsword, Backpack and Armour. 

"The icons are replacing the Avelyn for the Bolter, the Barbed Sword for the Chainsword, and the Grass Crest Shield for the Backpack," so says the mod's creator. The armor used is the Black Iron Set." 

More information on Soulshammer 40,000 including installation instructions, can be found via its Nexus Mods page