Sons of the Forest item IDs and how to use them

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If you're looking for Sons of the Forest item IDs, chances are you want a little help surviving the cannibal-infested island. These offer an alternative to installing mods to enable cheats. though this method isn't as user-friendly. You'll be editing the game's save files which comes with its own risks, so make sure you back them up before proceeding.

If you're just after a little help, befriend Virginia, give her a weapon, and she'll help protect your base. If you're after the shovel, or any of the keycards, there are guides to cover those too. But if you'd rather just know the Sons of the Forest item IDs so you can fill your inventory, I'll list those below, along with how to use them. 

Sons of the Forest item IDs: How to use them 

This process involves accessing the game's save files and editing them, so as mentioned above: be sure to back up the file before you start to avoid losing progress if something goes wrong.  First, you'll need to locate your save files to use item IDs, so here's how to find them:

  1. Make sure you have exited the game.
  2. Navigate to: C:\User\[UserName]\AppData\LocalLow\Endnight\SonsOfTheForest\Saves
  3. Open the folder with 17 digits you find in that location.
  4. Open either SinglePlayer or MultiPlayer to access save files for that mode.
  5. You'll see a list of folders for each save file. Sort these by date so you can find the one you want.

Now you can either back up your save files by copying them to another location or find the one you want to edit so you can add items to your inventory.

Paste the string into the save file, after the comma. (Image credit: PC Gamer)

If you want to add items, open the folder of the save you want to edit, and look for the file name PlayerInventorySaveData and open it using Notepad. You should see a lot of code and there are specific strings that are repeated to represent items that are stored in your inventory. These will look like this:


The XXX is where you enter the item ID, and the X is the number of items. Remember that your inventory can only hold a specific number of items, so you should make sure you don't exceed the limit for the item you want to add.

Paste the above string into the notepad file, placing it after the comma of an existing item string—check the screenshot above for an example. Don't forget to change the Xs to the item ID and quantity before saving and closing the file. Now you can load up Sons of the Forest and find your new items in your inventory.

Sons of the Forest item ID list 

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Here is every item ID for Sons of the Forest that we know. 

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Item nameItem ID
Aloe Vera451
Air Canister469
Blueprint Book552
Bone Armor494
Canned Food434
Cooking Pot517
Crafted Spear474
Creepy Armor593
Crossbow Bolt368
Duct Tape419
Emergency Pack483
Energy Drink439
Energy Bar441
Energy Mix461
Energy Mix +462
Food Tray512
Frag Grenade381
Golden Armor572
GPS Locator529
GPS Tracker412
Grab Bag351
Grappling Hook560
Guest Keycard526
Guide Book589
Health Mix455
Health Mix +456
Hide Armor519
Leaf Armor473
Loot Pouch508
Medium Rock506
Modern Arrow373
MRE Snack Rations438
Pistol ammo362
Pistol Silencer374
Plasma Lighter413
Printer Arrow618
Printer Resin390
Raw Meat433
Rope Gun522
Severed Arm480
Severed Leg481
Skin Pouch508
Slug (shotgun ammo)363
Small Rock476
Stone Arrow507
Stun Gun353
Stun Gun Ammo369
Tactical Axe379
Tech Armor554
Tech Mesh553
Turtle Shell506
Walkie Talkie486
Zipline Rope523
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