Someone has beaten Dark Souls 3 on NG+7, with fists

More than a month after its release, dedicated players of Dark Souls 3 have pretty much seen all the game has to offer. Which is why some of them are going stir crazy: PvPers are mimicking the mimicks, cheaters are pretending to be aggressive aeroplanes, and maniacs are slaying tough bosses with nary more than a single hit. It's bedlam out there. 

The latest act of impressive tomfoolery is this feat by TolomeoR: he's managed to beat the game – on New Game +7 – using only his fists. Embedded below is the second half of his gameplay, which sees him defeating the likes of Dragonslayer Armour and the final boss with his piddly hollowed knuckles. Impressive.

Shaun Prescott

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