Someone decided to mod a gun into Fallout: New Vegas that fires extremely deadly baseballs

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Guns shoot bullets. This is a well-established standard feature of guns since the invention of guns. Except in some videogames, when guns shoot different things instead of bullets. Maybe sawblades or lasers or, if you wanna get really weird, skunks. This gun, which someone has modded into Fallout: New Vegas nine years after its release, also does not shoot bullets. It shoots baseballs.

"My first mod for Fallout: New Vegas adds a .44 Baseball shotgun (?) revolver that can be found in the Vikki and Vance Casino in Primm," writes modder T3MBONE on Nexusmods. I love many things about this. That people are still tinkering with Fallout: New Vegas, that new modders are still modding New Vegas, and that T3MBONE thought about what to do for their first mod, and went, hmm... "baseball gun?"

As baseball guns go, this is a sneaky one. See, the 3D model for the revolver still has bullets in its cylinder, so anyone who looks at it would naturally assume it's going to shoot bullets. But no. Surprise! It shoots baseballs. No one sees that coming.

You might think baseballs are less lethal than bullets, so why shoot baseballs? According to Popular Mechanics, a baseball can leave a bat at about 110 miles per hour, and "the average pro swing imparts 4145 pounds of force to the ball." A .44 magnum can fire a bullet with a velocity of about 1,450 feet per second, which works out to nearly 990 miles per hour. I'm gonna be honest, I skipped physics and have no idea how much force that works out to, but I'm pretty sure either a bullet or a baseball to the face is going to mess you up pretty good so I'm not going to try to do the math.

To test my mess-up-your-face theory (I did take some science classes, okay) I installed the Baseball Revolver mod, and spent entirely too long trying to find it before realizing it was sitting in plain sight on the bar counter in Primm's Casino. Then I fired baseballs out of it. 

Baseballs, it turns out, are extremely deadly, unless you're using VATS. Then they're apparently not so good. But if you're not in VATS, you get to watch the one baseball you fired spawn about 20 more baseballs, which then fly all over the place. Good mod. Check out our guide to the best Fallout: New Vegas mods for more.

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