Solasta: Crown of the Magister to get sorcerers and more in first big update

A sorcerer hurls a fire spell.
(Image credit: Tactical Adventures)

Solasta: Crown of the Magister left Early Access on May 27, and the turn-based RPG based on D&D's fifth edition rules has been quite well-received, with 90% positive user reviews on Steam. Developers Tactical Adventures are currently working on Solasta's first major update, which will add an Iron Man difficulty mode and the sorcerer class (which was a stretch goal from its Kickstarter), and is planned to go live on July 13.

Sorcerers are different to wizards in that they use Charisma rather than Intelligence to power their spells, relying on force of personality rather than that boring old book-learning. They get their powers from an Origin, and Solasta will provide a choice of three: Draconic Bloodline (which is the regular D&D option, based on one of your ancestors hooking up with a dragon), Mana Painter (which means you drain magic from your surroundings), and Children of the Rift (which means you got your powers from a spooky cataclysm in Solasta's past called the Closing of the Rift).

The update will also add more environments for use in Solasta's Dungeon Maker, support for the GOG version, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian localizations, and various bug fixes.

Rick Lane gave Solasta a thumbs-up in his review, calling it "the truest virtual representation of a D&D ruleset since Neverwinter Nights." If you're putting off Baldur's Gate 3 until it leaves Early Access, it's a solid alternative.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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