Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 announced, will release on Halloween

October 31st is a good time to release a game about killing zombies with a sniper rifle - why it's almost as if Rebellion had planned it to release on that very day. Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2, their seasonally appropriate sequel to the seasonally in appropriate (it released on Valentine's Day) original, boasts a new campaign and new bosses, and once again features co-op, shambling right-wing corpses, and Rebellion's sickeningly gory X-Ray Killcam.

Rebellion have managed to crank out a Nazi Zombie spin-off and now a Nazi Zombie spin-off sequel while we wait for Sniper Elite 3 to see the light of day (it's expected in 2014). Like its predecessor, NZA2 is a sort of co-op horde thing with an emphasis (obviously) on sniper rifles. It's already shuffled its way onto Steam and Rebellion's own store , should you want to take a look. You'll find video proof of the game's existence below.

Tom Sykes

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