Smite World Championship 2016 announced


Which god is the best god? It's a question wars have been fought over, and now a question that a select pick of Smite players will once and for all decide (at least until the next tournament) at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta, USA from January 7-10.

That's the date and location of the next Smite World Championship, which—for this tournament—will be called the Smite World Championship presented by Xbox One. Don't let the name fool you. This year, it will comprise of two tournaments: the Smite PC World Championship and the Smite Xbox One Invitational.

Hi-Rez recently announced that the PC World Championship's prize pool is being capped at $1 million, "in an effort," the press release says, "to distribute winnings to a greater share of SMITE players at events throughout the season." According to the studio, $2 million in crowd-sourced prizes will be awarded across the span of the season.

Phil Savage

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