Slime Rancher's Wiggly Wonderland celebrates the holidays with in-game ornaments

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Adorably squishy farming sim Slime Rancher (opens in new tab) kicks off limited-time holiday event Wiggly Wonderland today. The event will run through Sunday, December 31 and award players with different in-game ornaments each day.

"New ornaments will begin to appear in crates at the stroke of midnight, local time. Hurry and collect as many as you can before they’re gone," developer Monomi Park said on Steam (opens in new tab). Crates can be found scattered around your ranch, and each one can contain "one of three rare ornaments." 

Aesthetics aside, there's another reason to collect and hang as many ornaments as you can: you can share photos of your spruced-up ranch to enter a Fangamer (opens in new tab)Slime Rancher merchandise giveaway. 

To enter, share a screenshot of your slimy holiday display on Twitter using the hashtag #WigglyWonderland. The grand prize winner will be selected January 3, 2018, and walk away with a grab-bag of Slime Rancher merch. All submissions will also be entered to win a gift copy of Slime Rancher and its soundtrack. 

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