Slapstick VR sandbox Giant Cop gets a much giant-er map

I love following the rules, especially if they’re being enforced by a cop that could cuff Godzilla. Giant Cop’s pitch is right there in the name: it’s a VR sandbox where you take on the role of a very tall officer of the law and patrol Micro City, putting away perps—literally. You grab the city’s tiny citizens using the HTC Vive controllers and throw them into jail, a building with a criminal receptacle instead of a roof. You’re not limited to just grabbing folks; Giant Cop is a physics playground. The top of a sportsman warehouse is adorned with a massive tennis racket, but as a giant cop, it’s the perfect tool for slamming bouncier criminals into the, well, slammer. A donut shop, as expected, is adorned with a massive donut so cops, giant or not, can spot it from a mile away. Our titular large police officer can pick it up for a quick snack. Plaster, sugar—what’s the difference? 

Previously the demo area was limited to a small (for a giant cop) section of the city, a tub-sized (for a giant cop) piece of the entire island. But developer Other Ocean have revealed to us that Micro City’s sandbox is much bigger than the demo implies. 

The blue box represents the demo playspace, visible in this gameplay video. In the final game, the rest of the island will be broken up into distinct districts with a unique look and feel, presumably with different challenges and wacko physics objects to toss around, and will be much larger than the area in the demo. No big stompy lawman with a heart of gold and donut plaster should be caged and hidden from the rest of the world, or at least from a fictional physics playground island. I think that’s how the old adage goes. 

Speaking of the island, Other Ocean shared some of the wallpapers they’ve put together for Giant Cop’s cheeky 70s aesthetic. They’re warm, cartoonish depictions of the constituent pieces of a city: industrial, suburban, and urban districts. Take a gander, use them for your own desktops, or save them to your secret giant cop fan fiction folder for future reference.

Other Ocean will also be joining us at The PC Gaming Show, so be sure to tune in for more information on what they’re cooking up.

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James Davenport

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