Sir, You Are Being Hunted update brings wildlife, poachers and stealthier woodlands

As a former resident of the British countryside, there's something about Sir, You Are Being Hunted that's fantastically evocative. Maybe it's the browns and dark yellows of the encroaching woodland, the punctuated flapping of startled wildlife, or the cold distant bloops of a fully functioning murderbot. Hmm, now I think about it, Cumbria is a weird place. Better, then, to stay indoors, enjoying rural terror vicariously through this new December update.

The update introduces a new robogent, The Poacher, who lays traps and carries a powerful blunderbuss. Wildlife has also been added, giving you a chance to do your own bit of hunting. In addition, woodland stealth has been tweaked to make creeping through heavy grass a more effective tactic.

There are also new starting loadouts, giving you the opportunity to tweak difficulty and play-style by choosing the amount and type of items that you spawn with.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted's December update is out now, via Steam and the Humble Widget .

Phil Savage

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